Do my eyes deceive me or is that running water I see in my master bathroom

Thirteen and a half months ago my beloved tore out our master bathroom in hopes of someday sitting on his throne without a counter directly in his face. Eleven days ago, running water was finally restored to that master bathroom. And lo, it was a good day.

The toilet, the sink and the shower all work. I know this because some wacky toilet problem led to calling in a bona fide plumber and since he was here anyway my husband went ahead and told him we'd take the works. Look running water in the sink:

Don't believe me? Here I am brushing my teeth:

Every night since the sink got installed, I've walked to the hall bathroom to brush my teeth only to look around in confusion when my toothbrush wasn't there. In the morning, I never remember the toilet works until I'm flushing the toilet in the hall. It's the best mental block I've ever had to get over. Behold the awesomeness that is my nearly done master bathroom:

I love literally everything about that bathroom. I want to have babies with the wall color. I want to serve the wainscoting breakfast in bed for the rest of my life. And I'm already developing separation anxiety just thinking about leaving that bathroom behind when we move to the new house I secretly shop for on Realtor.com when I'm at work.

Although I feel certain I'm capable of letting go. Like, say, in exchange for a house with a whirlpool bathtub. And maybe a bigger kitchen. And a laundry room. And a better neighborhood. But for now, I'm happy pretending my entire house looks like that beautiful bathroom. Although, in my head, you don't have to step over a Shop Vac to get in the door. But it's all good.


Shan said...

Woohoo for bathrooms!

Chaotic Joy said...

Hurray! How wonderful. You are giving me hope that my own master shower may actually be showerable again one day.

no way said...

That's a pretty fancy toilet base you have there. No bolts on the side, huh? They must be in the back. I like it!

And you don't want that whirlpool tub-we have one over here (it came with the condo) and those jets are a b*&ch to clean. I can never take pictures of my kids in the tub b/c our tub looks perpetually dirty (even though it's not, I swear.)

Congrats on the bathroom!

Happy Working Mom said...

Yeah!!! It looks fantastic!

Childlife said...

Yay!! You survived : ) And I must say, it's lookin' pretty stunning - all fancy with running water and everything!

Memorial Day weekend will be two years on our bathroom project...no end in sight...*sigh*

a happier girl said...

shan - Yeah!

joy - Patience! It just takes patience!

no way - We actually picked that toilet because it was the longest and we needed one to reach as far out from the wall as possible. But now we love it. It sort of coordinates with the baseboards and chair rail even. And it's taller than most which is actually really comfortable.

happy working mom - Thanks! We love it!

childlife - Thanks! And two years is impressive. Maybe he's going for a record or something.

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