I'm happy to have a bloated DVR for a change

Holy guacamole, my DVR is full. So much reality television. So little time. And my poor little DVR can only record two things at once so I even missed 2 nights of American Idol this week. That's what happens when you're recording schedule gets a little bloated. I've fine tuned things because Heaven forbid I miss that Australian guy doing anything even remotely as pretty as that Bohemian Rhapsody from last week. Anyway, the DVR is full and it's great to be alive.

Survivor: What on Earth, people. How can you vote out sweet little Yau-Man so early? I already miss him. And he's smart. Why do people on these shows never appreciate keeping smart people around for awhile? My husband and I thought the two groups of 4 should have gotten together and just agreed to vote off Cirie. Why beg for someone’s vote when you could just vote her out when she tries to be difficult? And why was she so worried about Yau-Man finding the immunity idol anyway? Just don’t send him to exile island. Then he can’t get it. And why would the other team want to send him to exile island either? Because they know he’s smart too and that he’d find it. Whatever. I like Cirie a lot less than I did last week. Mostly because the other game players let her be in control of the game. Which isn’t technically her fault but oh, well. I just hate when people spend too much time complaining about how things are out of their hands when in truth the power is right there in front of them the whole time. Like in The Wizard of Oz when Glenda tells Dorothy she had it all along. Now that I’m off the Cirie bandwagon I can’t decide who’s bandwagon I’m on though. I’m mostly hoping they do one of those tribal switcheroos so the two happy little couples get split up. Speaking of happy little couples . . .

Big Brother: Just when you thought nothing could be more annoying than Sheila complaining about her partner along comes Jen. My favorite is how she threw her boyfriend under the bus telling people he’s racist. Nice. National television, chick. National television. Do you care at all about his life after he leaves the house? Because it doesn’t seem like it. And lying to him about it is beyond dumb given the cameras capturing your every move. Good riddance.

Project Runway: Believe it or not, I kinda didn’t want Christian to win the fan favorite. Because even though he’s my best friend, I want him to win the whole show. And if that happens, now no one else gets any money. I guess I'm a let’s share the wealth kind of girl. Especially since the others are super talented too. Oh, and when did Carmen become overly sensitive to the extreme? I realize her men's outfit with no shirt might be a little embarrassing to have to relive over and over again but build a bridge and get over it already.

America’s Next Top Model: I’m all about Fatima. I’m also all about finding out when Marvita is going home. I'm of the opinion she's a bit of a wack job. I'm basing that on the fact that she was threatening to beat people up on the very first episode because someone made a hand gesture that touched her a tiny little bit. She also appears to lack some social skills which no amount of therapy will help. I also like Claire. She reminds me of someone. Maybe that chick from The Matrix. I’m not sure. Her face just seems familiar. She also seems nice.


Anonymous said...

No help here...the only things that I get to watch on TV right now is Lost (loving Lost!) and Biggest Loser.

And? Our DVR is running at capacity, too. Modern life has its perks.

Childlife said...

Akkkk!! I didn't realize survivor had started back up! :P

Now I have to go figure out why my evil DVR isn't recording it!!

Kristy said...

I spent all of ANTM thinking the same thing: "WHO does Claire remind me of??"

It's definitely someone hugely famous and familiar. ...So why can't I think of who it is!

Ooo. Is it Matt Damon's girlfriend in Bourne Identity? Or a cross between Julia Stiles and that girl?

Yep. It's making me way more crazy than it should.

Shan said...

Oh I miss Yau-Man already too. He is so cute. And you are bang on with Cirie. I may have been yelling the very same thing at my TV Thursday night.

And Big Brother, yes good riddance to Jen. Although I feel bad for Parker. I think Parker feel bad for Parker too. Did you see the faces he was making when Julie was interviewing them?

Meghan said...

Is Claire the one who has been drinking her own breast milk? It's going to take a lot for her to get back on my good side after that.

C said...

For some reason I just feel like this season's ANTM is going to make me squeel with endless joy. There's so much drama there - it's just tv gold waiting to happen. Plus, The Pussycat Dolls show which I admit to watching and loving.

Robyn said...

I agree with the Carmen bit, girl you did sent that crap down the runway. Gee Thanks Heidi. It sounds like your boy did a fierce job at fashion week.
ANTM I think Fatima will be interesting, the punk chick should be a riot. Her walk about killed me. I thought Ms. J was going to fall over.If claire is the one I'm thinking of I think she'll do well.
I was amazed too that they didn't get together and vote of cirie.

VERONICA said...

Yeah, you totally missed another great one by the Australian guy...I just blogged about him myself! :) I complained about the reality tv thing at first, and now I'm complaining because (like yours) our DVR only records two at a time and so I'm missing stuff. It's nuts. And now that LOST is back on, that threw a whole lot of things out of whack for my schedule! *sigh*

a happier girl said...

amanda - How did people live before DVRs? I catch myself trying to fast forward through commercials even when I'm watching live television.

childlife - Don't you hate when your DVR lets you down. Send it to bed without supper. Bad DVR.

kristy - I know. I still can't figure it out. I'm hoping ANTM will help us out and tell us. They usually do.

shan - I felt bad for Parker too! Kind of like how I felt sort of bad for Alex this week because it's not his fault Amanda was annoying to lie with. I'm not sure I'm a fan of this couples concept.

meghan - Yeah, actually she is. And I'm with you that struck me a little odd. But other than that she seem so nice. And not an idiot.

c - This season does seem to be shaping up to be good. I'm really pro Fatima. And I have to admit I haven't seen the Pussycat dolls show. Not because I didn't want to but because I didn't know when it's on. Maybe I'll tell my DVR to look into that for me.

robyn - It's like were two people with one mind! I couldn't agree with you more!

veronica - I know! For several months there was nothing in my DVR. Now I'm having to prioritize my shows so the DVR will no one's to record when 4 shows land during the same time slot. Madness!

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