25 and counting

Some people knock out their list of 100 things in one shot. They probably also order t-shirts from Threadless. I've successfully taken over two years to finally get to 20 and I'm too tragically uncool to ever think to order Threadless t-shirts despite the fact that I often think the designs are very clever. But none of that has anything to do with the following 10 things about me:

16. I hate perfume. I can take a whiff and think something smells good but then I'm done.
17. When we were dating, my husband once gave me a bottle of fancy perfume.
18. I'm very sensitive to smell in general. I'm convinced an annoyingly strong smelling dandruff shampoo once gave me a headache. Which is odd since washing my hair typically cures my headaches. Go figure.
19. I hate when my husband puts dryer sheets in the dryer with my T-shirts because I end up I smelling the dryer sheet all day when I wear those shirts. My husband jokes that I'd be happier if the the world was devoid of any scent at all.
20. I absolutely would not be happier if the world was devoid of scent. For example, how would I know when it's time to pour the end of the milk down the drain? I also happen to love the smell of many, many things. Movie theater popcorn, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and my babies fresh out of the bathtub being the first three that come to mind. I also love the smell of clean sheets. And the bathroom after someone showers when the faint smell of their shampoo lingers in the room.
21. I once had a candle made by the Herbal Essences shampoo people that smelled like my favorite lightly scented pink Herbal Essences shampoo. I kept it in my bathroom for years and it always smelled like someone had just washed their hair in there. I was sad when the candle died and I discovered that Herbal Essences wasn't making candles anymore.
22. Most jewelry makes me feel claustrophobic.
23. I can't stand anyone pushing me underwater in a swimming pool. I blame this entirely on my older brother who used to entertain himself by holding me under the water when we were kids. And because my brother is nothing if not smart, he'd hold me under until the exact last second before I'd open my mouth and suck in water. To this day, being shoved under makes me panic and flail.
24. I also don't like being held down with a pillow on my face. Same problem. Same brother to blame for it. Aren't siblings fun?
25. My husband and I once bought 3000 square feet of saran wrap at Sam's Club. We'd taken to buying things in bulk and I let my husband convince me that buying the restaurant sized package was a good fiscal move. Five years later we've still got 2700 square feet of it. I'm pretty sure we'll never buy saran wrap again. I wish I'd started photographing my children next to the saran wrap to document the progress of both over the years. Although there's really no time like the present. So here's my six year old holding 2700 square feet of saran wrap:

I look forward to shoving that same roll of saran wrap into her arms on her wedding day.

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