Ten facts to make your Monday complete

1. The new Jim Carey movie A Christmas Carol is a little too much for a new six year old. And by "a little too much" I mean she'll be coming home from her movie outing a little early due to scary ghosts. But not before she sucked down an entire Icee and a box of gummy bears! Not that she needs to go to the movies with a friend to lay her hands on some candy. Our household is still grazing on the giant bowl of candy my household insisted I bring back home from work.

2. My husband thinks Tom Brady has collagen in his cheeks. He hit rewind so I could weigh in on the issue. When I didn't agree with him, he claimed he knows these things. I can't decide if he means he knows men's cheeks or Tom Brady's specifically.

3. Why would Tom Brady get collagen in his cheeks?

4. What's my husband doing noticing Tom Brady's cheeks?

5. This website makes me laugh. Out loud.

6. I just googled "new moon movie release date."

7. When I was done, I thought about marking the date on my kitchen calendar.

8. I decided not to mark the calendar because I refuse to believe my memory is such a sieve I won't be able to remember the weekend before Thanksgiving.

9. I will gag if I have to hear one more thing about Kloe Kardashian's wedding.

10. My mother's physical therapist seemed confused recently by the fact that I don't belong to Facebook. Maybe I'm not as modern as a I thought.

1 comment:

auntie said...

omg i just clicked on that family photos website and about peed my pants laughing! gonna have to bookmark that one for browsing at home, i think.

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