May the Force Be With You

Since having children, I've discovered that I'm a bit of a Halloween nut.   My husband probably didn't realize what he was in for until we had children and I started brainstorming group costume ideas in September.  I'd say he's acclimated but we still seem to go through the same exercise every year.  It's the exercise where he resists being part of the theme right up until 5:00 pm on Halloween and then looks suitably confused that I have not bought him a relevant costume.  The first couple years I had a costume minimalist plan for how he could easily participate last minute.  In recent years his resistance has grown so I've left him to his own devices.  So at 5:00 p.m. on Halloween as we're standing in our bathroom bickering, I generally just point out that he kept saying he didn't want to dress up.  He then explains that he changed his mind now that he feels left out while everyone else if frantically getting ready.  I then explain that he should remember this next year. 

Cut to this year and my husband is out of town for the two and a half weeks before Halloween.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  It also weakens your resistance to costumes.   Next thing I know he wants hit a costume store on the way home from the airport. Come again?  Who are you and what did you do with my costume minimalist?
King of the costume minimalists was prepared to go full Obi Wan but the costume shops don't stock that.   I know.  What is America coming to?  The costume minimalists was forced to settle for a Jedi Robe and a light saber.  Which is okay.  Because I think we can all agree the adults (I'm supposed to be Luke but most people guessed Obi Wan) are just the window dressing anyway along with the little doggie Yoda and the giant dog pony Jabba the Hut (sign around his neck).

Darth's mask had sound effects.  A better parent would have humorous video to prove it.  I suck so all I have is this photo of Darth trying to use the power of the dark side to get me to hurry up and let him trick or treat:. 

/div> Leia's costume came with a cheap rug of a wig but for a change his sister's long and easily tangled brown hair finally came in handy.  She was amazed that everyone knew exactly who she was.  How do you explain "iconic" to a nine year old?
And, yes, we do realize Leia didn't have a light saber.  So sue us.  We took some dramatic license and decided Leia was going to be one touch chick.   The sort of touch chick that looks the dark side in the face and laughs:
 The kind of chick that can take Darth down:

Much candy was bestowed on them. And it was very, very good to be them.

And for anyone dying of curiosity to witness the madness in previous years:
2004 - Wizard of Oz
2005 - 50's girl (Still looking for a hard copy photo to scan)
2006 - Barnyard
Chicken, cow, big pig, mini sheep hidden behind the pig, bunny rabbit and farmer.  A baby in costume is seriously cute but that chicken doing the chicken dance and clucking all night got giant handfuls of candy and even strangers stopped to take her picture. 2007 - Garden
2008 - It's Raining Cats and Dogs
2009 - Football game
2010 - Under the Sea
A mermaid, a sailor, a lobster dog, Shamu the giant whale dog and a fireman.  I like to say the fireman was there to put out the bonfire on the beach.  But he's also pretty great proof that the kids really do pick their own costumes and are not required to fit into the theme.  Oh, and a mad scientist with a giant wacky afro wandered into the photo.  The mad scientist did not appreciate when I suggested taking a shot without him in it.  So I suggested he remember that, too, next year.  

2011 - Books
I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find a photo to save my life.  Everyone was a character from a different book.  We had a fairy from Rainbow Magic (specifically Destiny the Rock Star Fairy), Iron Man, the Cat in the Hat, Pippi Longstocking (complete with braids sticking out to the side courtesy of wire hangers inside the braids). 

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