Delight to despair in the blink of any eye

My seven year old is quickly turning into a jack o' lantern after losing his 4th tooth in the last 4 months.  Top two in the middle.  Two on the bottom not next to each other.  However, he seems to be incapable of just losing a tooth and shoving it under his pillow. 

Most of his tooth loss is accompanied by chaos.  He lost one of soccer field and we didn't find it.  He lost another on a soccer field and almost swallowed it.  He lost another in the middle of the night.  Long after I thought he was asleep he strolled in to our bedroom his mouth a bloody mess.  I thought he fell face first into something.  I also thought we should all be asleep.

He lulled me into a false sense of security when his most recent tooth loss took place during waking hours in our house.  I ran in to appreciate the moment and share in his delight.

He was thrilled to hold out his hand to show me the teeny tiny tooth that would soon be scoring him some cash.  My husband entered stage left and opted for some classic father son fake punching.  Here's his blurry hand entering the picture.
It was delight times two.  His father is the fun one.  He knows exactly what he's doing.  And then there was some play kicking.  Because if you're going to play punch, you're definitely going to play kick.  And then Rufus Toofus hit his heel on the wall and everything went to hell in a hand basket.
I like that he doesn't let the weeping affect his ability to display the tooth.  It's important to not let your emotions prevent you from getting the job done.

And then the game wasn't fun anymore.
You disgust me.  How could you:?
And then the tooth hit the floor.  You knew it would.  It was just a matter of time. The kid's holding it out there in his hand just asking for trouble.  And it found him. On carpet.  And that tooth is tiny.  Teeny tiny. 

Cue the flashlight.  Cue all of us on our hands and knees crammed in a postage stamp bathroom feeling around on the carpet. 
Would it kill this kid to just lose a tooth and shove it under his pillow like a normal kid?

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