I'm confusing work with high school again

I start my new job Monday. That includes moving to a new work area and getting all new co-workers. My husband says I should be excited. He seems to thrive on change. I, on the other hand, mostly get tense with change. I like to think that's part of what makes us a complimentary pair.

I have already pondered many times whether taking the promotion was the right decision. No matter how many times every single person I know tells me how great it is and how fortunate I am I still like to torture myself by fretting over stupid things like who I'll sit next to in meetings and whether anyone will like me. I've worked with the same people for years. I have lots of buddies and feel well liked by everyone. I'm going to miss them. And, truth be told, I'll miss being popular. Which is so dumb. I know it is. Because this isn't high school. Being popular isn't what it's all about. But it's nice. Oh, well.

I'm also currently fretting over Christmas presents. A girl at work with children the same age as mine is going shopping all day Friday. With her two kids. I think her mother is going too. But still. Bamboo shoots under my fingernails sound preferable. Mabye I'll try putting my Christmas tree up instead. Or better yet, cleaning up our living room to make room for our Christmas tree.

I have to make lots of extra room in our living room this year because Santa is potentially bringing our children a play kitchen. We already have a full sized playhouse in our living room so adding a kitchen up against the wall seemed like the next logical step to completely overwhelm the room with toys. Santa's even thinking of creating some extra "counter space" for them with boxes too. You know, so they'll have plenty of work space to roll out cookie dough and dice vegetables. My ability to make things more complicated than they need to be is amazing. I wish it was more of a marketable skill. It mostly just adds things to my "to do" list. We'll see how it goes.


Colleen said...

"And, truth be told, I'll miss being popular."

Oh sugar.... being popular NEVER gets old. Fuck that shit. I'm 32 (almost 33) and said tonight, to a friend... 'i'm popular, dontcha know!' (in deference to the fact that i had a mtng tonight before mtng her) and she said "uhhhh.... yeah" like I didn't KNOW it.

You are likely more popular than you think. we'll talk. It's all about planing a social life. you're gonna laugh, but seriously... that's all.

(found you thru nablopomo...)

Deb said...

I don't know if you watch grey's anatomy, but last week's episode was pretty much what you are talking about....a bus full of high schoolers was in an accident and they came to the hospital and you saw their drama, but you also saw how it brought out the high schooler in all the doctors etc. As one nurse put it, "I don't think we've come as far from high school as you think."

in sum, I think we're all prone to high school tendencies...especially ones that repeat or threaten to repeat the drama (or lack thereof) of our high school tendencies...

Christy said...

I despise change and normally avoid it like the plague. Changing jobs was tought for me. I still really miss everyone I used to work with and am adjusting to the new.

You will get through it though.

a happier girl said...

colleen - I'm glad I'm not the only one that enjoys being popular. I'm going to have to plan more time for socializing so I can maintain my popularity.

deb - I didn't see that episode. And I'm definitely not that far from high school mentally. Clearly.

christy - I guess it'll just take time to get used to. And I'm sure I'll make new buddies. I wish I could be more like my husband and not care.

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