My Hallelujah

I'm not sure what it says about me that my new favorite thing to say about my husband is a quote from a Justin Beiber song.  Such is the story of my life.  Because my husband is my hallelujah.  Even with his recent nomadic traveling for work (which is temporary but mandatory and super annoying), I love him and miss his face when he's not here. 

I also miss his willingness to take out the trash, walk the dogs and let me hold the remote.  I do not miss his coffee pot taking up a whole section of the counter, the dogs he regularly invites on the bed or the way he waits right until I'm ready to fall asleep to decide we should both get up and walk the dogs.

On the other hand, I'm above average lost when he's not here.  Not lost, like I'll die.  Just lost like slightly off my game and lacking the motivation to do anything that isn't mandatory.  Exhibit A is the Christmas Tree in my living room that I haven't taken down yet.  It's February, people.  That's not good.

It's weird to actually miss his socks on the floor right next to the hamper and his wet towel draped over the bathroom door.  It's not weird to miss the soft marshmallow center of his tough exterior.  Exhibit B:
Love notes in the snow.  
He's the funniest person I've ever met and we laugh a lot. He makes me feel pretty even when I'm 204.4 pounds and believes in me even when I don't have the patience or confidence to believe in myself.  It takes my breath away remembering how he just knew for a fact I'd get the recent promotion even when I called him crying and mourning the loss convinced it had slipped through my fingers.  It's nice that he ended up being right.  But the best is that he really believed it and wasn't just saying it to make me feel better.
Drunk texting to taunt his cousin about a coveted autographed helmet.
He ain't perfect, though.  Dude has a salty mouth.  Dude is often politically incorrect.  Dude often looses random items and asks me to find them before he's even looked for them himself.  But I miss him everyday that he's not here.  I miss the sound of him rubbing his eyes when his allergies are bad.  I miss the smell of his deodorant.  I miss how he flops over in bed at night so hard he rocks the whole boat.  And I miss how he randomly does kettle bell exercises while he waits for the microwave to finish cooking.

But most of all I just miss him. I look forward to the day his nomadic ways come to an end. Our house is not a home without him.

Happy long distance Valentine's Day from me to him
New Year's Eve 2012.  I like how happy the two slightly inebriated people look.  


Veronica said...

Oh I love this post! Seriously, the NEVER has enough of this good stuff and this, my friend, is the good stuff. And that is definitely my favorite part of that entire song too. Your marriage inspires me, always has. From the outside, it has always seemed perfectly imperfect (if that makes any sense). I love how playful and fun it is because that makes it romantic in my book. Happy Valentine's Day!

YDD said...

Kim, this is so sweet! I never like it when my husband is away. It's just not the same. :)

Simoney said...

Lovely Post! He sounds like a gem of a hubby.

(PS Here from the SITS Sharefest)

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